"Grow emotionally as an Individual and within a Supportive Community. "


The Coping Collective’s three-part method consists of traditional psychological practices, Latin American ancestral wisdom and guided visualization journeys for a complete therapeutic experience. Our core philosophy stays consistent: one size definitely does NOT fit all! We emphasize that one personal process is certainly not linear and requires patience, self-compassion and honesty from the get-go. Our team of trained professionals who are by everyone’s side on our Coping Collective journey. Together we will care for emotional wounds and touch on unexplored themes to achieve daily wellbeing which we ALL deserve. 



For Individuals

Our first stage is purely science-driven, working from a set list of expert, unique therapies. There is something suitable for everyone’s personal aspirations and health needs. 

This neurological practice is well known for bi-laterial stimulation, allowing us to stimulate the left and right sides of our brain to ultimately metabolize traumatic memories in order to reduce impact and find peace. EMDR is effective for replacing predetermined beliefs with new core beliefs that best present how one views themselves and why. 

Traditional Psychological Practices



Focuses on identifying and changing inaccurate or distorted thought patterns, emotional responses and behaviors.  

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Addresses destructive or disturbing thoughts and behaviors while incorporating treatment strategies such as emotional regulation and mindfulness.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy:

Understands the meaning beneath our subconscious mind and how it operates.

Psychodynamic Therapy:

Focuses on helping people accept difficult thoughts, feelings, sensations and internal experiences while guiding them to commit to values-based actions.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT):

Taking inspiration from acupuncture, EFT focuses on all of the body’s meridian points which are deemed energy hotspots that can retain physical and emotional memories. EFT is therefore used to restore balance throughout the body, quieting symptoms of trauma and negativity.  

Emotional Freedom Technique:

Reconnects to younger versions of oneself to repair and validate any particular experiences remembered as a child. ICW is very helpful when it comes to rebuilding self compassion, aligning mind-body systems, resisting negative self talk and offering ‘shrines’ to honor one’s inner child.  

Inner Child Work:

For Couples

Designed for romantic partners, lovers, divorcees, monogamous, ethically non-monogamous and experimenting couples from all walks of life who are interested in expanding their knowledge on healthy intimacy practices. Perfect for couples looking to deconstruct influencing patriarchal patterns and rewire old cultural programming, our three recommended therapies include: 

Grounded in the Sound Relationship House theory which specifies nine proposed elements of a healthy relationship.

Gottman Method:

Used to improve attachment and bonding styles. EMT focuses on adult attachment while helping couples identify and disrupt “demon dialogue.”

EFT (emotional focused therapy)

Latin for "unconscious image of familiar love,” Imago therapy works around an image of familiar love to explore how early relationships have taught us about our relationship with intimacy as a whole. IT is effective in terms of predicting how one could receive love from others and feel safe. 

Imago therapy:

Looking to go slow and not take things too fast? We can absolutely ‘change course,’ based on where we dive into and how deep we go. Knowing when to take a break means that we are listening to our needs intuitively, making time to process before paddling forwards. 

Emotional Support Animals: 

Due to popular demand, The Coping Collective has officially introduced this canine therapy choice that shall only be recommended on special occasions for particular cases. For more info on ESA, please do get in touch with our team via our contact page.

“Whether we realize it or not, we ARE the experts of our lives. I am merely an honored witness of every journey.”

- Vanessa DeLappe, Founder 

The second stage of our journey is considered spiritual and is based on results and notable breakthroughs from past psychological sessions. Now offering Latin American Ancestral Wisdom, The Coping Collective has hand-picked specific cultural experiences for their powerful symbolism and spiritual significance. Our small yet united team of inspiring practitioners working within the spiritual health world, making them some of the most talented and natural leaders working outside the modern science industry. 

Latin American Ancestral Wisdom 




Personal Family Knowledge


Natural Medicine

Astrology Readings 

Energetic Cleansing / Smudging

Family Constellations & Ancestral Charts 


Jessica Chappell

A highly-regarded tarot reader based out of Todos Santos, Mexico. Jessica offers both virtual and in-person readings that beautifully affirm and support individual healing journeys. 

Offers: Tarot Reading & Tarot Classes

Enereya Salazar 

A traditional curandera and ‘Mexica’ massage therapist offering holistic practices to support physical and spiritual health.  

Offers: Traditional ‘Mexica’ and Swedish Massage, ‘sobadas,’ ‘compuesta de la matriz,’ ‘limpias’ and ancestral healing work.

Nikki Perez 

A beauty-astrologist combining her skills as a licensed aesthetician with her passion for astrology. Nikki merges trauma-informed skincare care with astrology readings for practical and mystical selfcare

Offers:  Facials, Waxing, Brow and Lash Lamination with astrological readings. 

The third stage of our journey combines elements of science and spirituality through powerful storytelling devices to transport us to our ‘Happy Place.’ Inspired by Vanessa’s family’s Hacienda style home and garden, her grandmother would impart her wisdom on plants and herbs, making it even more pacifying to wander through the garden discovering new things right left and center. Through detailed visualization experiences, our third type of offering is the final practice to activate relaxation and a state of deep meditation. Once tapping into our Happy Place, we can invite all the gorgeous details to simply exist as they should, mirroring ourselves and our position in our day to day lives. 

Guided Visualization Journeys


Mindful Meditations

Creative Writing + Storytelling 

Soul Retrieval Exercises 

Automatic Writing

Love Letters to Self 

Shrine Making 

Is the inner child ready to open the door to a peaceful adult life? 

Please note that each of our guided journeys is tailored to every individual’s real life story, making them remarkably powerful in terms of addressing traumatic memories to support one’s inner child and heal unresolved family wounds. 

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