Evidence based research meets ancestral wisdom & spiritual practices. 

It all began one morning in the gynecology department at MD Anderson Cancer Center when Vanessa nicknamed their humble coffee pot: “Cafe Cope.” Coming from a place of wanting to share more knowledge on trauma-informed care in a relaxed setting, Cafe Cope naturally evolved into The Coping Collective: a meaningful space representing the importance of self and community care at every given opportunity. 


Find peace, clarity, strength and sovereignty in life decisions no matter the scale. 

I have always wanted to work in health from an early age. My career started assisting support groups, which led me towards pursuing my masters in social work. There I studied mental health across the lifespan: from the impact of intergenerational trauma, to maternal mental health and end of life care.   Listening to people’s bodies, stories and feelings is something I cherish and hold dear to my heart.

After going through a string of family hardships, I took time to ponder the importance of mental health as an individual, as a family and as a wider collective. 


Once I embarked on my own healing journey, I became invested in studying the world that lives inside of each of us and around us. One day I asked my therapist: what do you think if i do this? She replied: I have been waiting for you to ask this very question.

Therapy as a life choice is critical and a human right. I realized how important it is to participate in grounded, evidence based practices while also feeding the fire by celebrating one’s identity and customs.

"Coping Collective is a chance for EVERYONE to realize that whatever one is living and feeling, that they are not alone and can thrive through community connection.” 


Prioritize emotional self-regulation

Minimize trauma impact 

Improve symptoms of depression

Reduce stress levels and frequency of panic 

Identify cognitive distortions

Build up emotional vocabulary

Maintain a relaxed nervous system 

Learn new life affirmations 

Release shame and guilt 

Acquire new tools to help with possible triggers

Feel understood and held by others 

Feel understood and held by others 

Accept attachment wounds

Reduce anxious symptoms and tendencies

Boost energy levels 

Honor past and present experiences 

Develop self-trust and collective trust

Connect to our higher powers and purposes

Adopt healthier self talk 


People who are ready to learn the following


Be the author of our stories.
We are here to listen.